Ohio Christmas Day Crash Nearly Gets Fatal As Driver Smashes Into Patrol Car

Screenshot from Cleveland 19 website

Devan Bugbee Contributor
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A Christmas Day crash in Ohio nearly became fatal as a truck lost control and slammed into a patrol car, narrowly avoiding an officer who was standing to the side, footage released Tuesday showed.

A Willoughby police officer was watching oncoming traffic while assisting the driver of a Kia sedan who had been in a car accident due to road conditions, Cleveland19 reported.

The officer saw an out-of-control vehicle hurling towards him, provoking him to run over to the cement wall along the median strip. A Toyota Tundra then plowed into a police cruiser, causing debris to fly across the camera as the truck spiraled along the highway, video shows. The incent occurred on the SR-2 Eastbound highway at around 11:15 a.m., according to the outlet.

A woman who claimed to have been in front of the truck said that there was “pure black ice” where the vehicle lost control, she stated in a comment on the Willoughby Police Department Facebook page.

Following the incident, both the patrol car and the Tundra accrued “disabling damage,” though nobody was injured, Cleveland19 noted. The officer cited the truck’s 63-year-old driver for failure to control. He was also given a court appearance on a later date, according to the outlet. (RELATED: Police Arrest Suspect For Bus Bombing That Injured Two Americans)

Just two days prior, Ohio weather conditions caused a 50-car pile-up along the intersection of State Route 53 and Route 4 of Sandusky county, Ohio.