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Using Data to Connect People to Their Bodies: Alice Shani Lankri’s Skills Brought Her to Lezel to Change How People Care for Themselves

Melissa Beavers Contributor
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Armed with a degree in Management Information Systems, Alice Shani Lankri spent her first years out of school working in intelligence. She then went on to lead a career in customer experience with an emphasis on digital components of the customer experience. Using data, organizations can foster better relationships with their clients, anticipate their needs, and resolve problems faster.

Working at 2 different companies, BillGuard and Perigen, Alice transformed the customer experience by leading their customer support teams, navigating customer challenges, and providing resolutions to millions of users. Her contributions in these roles ranged from implementing AI chatbots to boost customer service, predicting customer outcomes such as churn, and creating personalized messaging based on how customers interact with products.

Her career in customer support made it clear to Alice that one person can have a major impact on the people around them. Just as she and her team were able to help customers navigate challenges in that setting, she knew she could have a bigger impact on a global scale by helping people lead more productive and empowered lives.

Making a bit of a jump from her traditional career path, Alice opened up her own clinic for personal growth using somatic tools. Becoming a business owner was a major undertaking, but owning this practice allowed her to help over 500 people transform their lives. As it turns out, solving problems with people in the physical, emotional, and mental aspects of their lives wasn’t all that different from the role a good customer support team plays for its clients.

To take her practice even further, Alice started teaching live classes at festivals all over the world. Traveling to Portugal, the United Kingdom, and more, allowed Alice to spread her knowledge and increase her ability to make the world a better place. Then, she realized that by pairing her services with digital tools, her program would be unstoppable. So, she started an online course that has over 200 students and still runs today.

Technology can change people’s lives, and Alice saw it happen first-hand over and over again. Then, almost as if it was fate, Alice was approached by Lezel, a company using technology to help people transform their lives, just in a different way. Lezel uses artificial intelligence to help people understand themselves biologically and find the right natural healing approach for their unique needs. We are all made up of cells that react differently to chemicals than our friends or family would, but with intelligent data collection, Lezel helps people navigate healing on a level that is right for them.

Lezel is a game-changer in the wellness space, and it perfectly mirrors Alice’s desire to impact the lives of people all over the world. The ability to control or enhance a state of mind is challenging, but with technological tools and quality products, Lezel is able to give the power back to consumers. Seeing this come together is a full-circle moment for Alice’s career. She knows the power of technology and she knows the power of focusing on the customer experience, and Lezel perfectly balances those two priorities.

Early on in her professional life, Alice found a deep interest in data and algorithms; she did a lot of intense work around business intelligence and how data can help influence the customer experience. From there, she was a natural at developing products that used data to empower people and helped businesses make smart decisions. Her impact on millions of users across her roles would not have been possible without smart tools that could ingest, understand, and take action on data points.

Sometimes, as in Alice’s case, the universe puts a path in front of people that doesn’t quite make sense as they move through it. Then, with the skills and knowledge gained during their experiences, those people go on to make waves in a new industry or overhaul an existing one, finding the optimal way to utilize their skillsets. Alice feels that she was called to Lezel, and she simply had to answer.

There’s power in trusting your path, but there’s also power in learning from every opportunity placed in front of you, and Alice has done both. She is not someone that thinks things just “happen” to her, but her hard work, perseverance, and open mind allowed her to follow her passions and serve communities all over the globe.