Fed-Up Armed Local Defends Buffalo Neighborhood From Looters

[Twitter Screenshot The Daily Sneed]

Brianna Lyman News and Commentary Writer
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A fed-up local resident took up arms to stop looters amid the chaos that broke out after a deadly bomb cyclone struck the city, according to a report.

The incident took place when a would-be looter tried to break into a storefront in the city’s Pine Hill neighborhood, video posted to Twitter on Monday shows. At that point, the unidentified armed local stepped in — and not alone.

Video shows several people running through the parking lot of Skys the Limit Hair & Beauty after the alleged suspect. Some of the locals were carrying sticks and brooms while one man was carrying a gun, the individual recording the incident said.

“They about to shoot somebody,” one person can be heard saying. “They trying to shoot somebody.” (RELATED: Mentally Disabled Man Gets Lost In Deadly Snow Storm, What A Stranger Did Next Is Pure Class)

The video then shows the armed local brace himself before firing off two shots.

A Skys the Limit manager told the New York Post that nobody was injured and that the shooter has not been identified.

“That was one of the neighbors that probably had business in the area,” the manager, who wished to remain anonymous, told the Post. “As far as I know, he shot in the air to scare them off. Because I guess he was sick of them breaking into one of the businesses across the street or something. He just don’t want them to break anything anymore.”

As of Wednesday the Buffalo Police Department said it had arrested nine individuals “in connection with winter storm business break-ins.”

An arctic blizzard struck North America on Christmas weekend, killing 38 people in the U.S. and Canada, as of Monday. Buffalo was especially hard hit, with more than 30,000 city residents losing power.