Deaths, Floods As Winter Storm Hits Oregon And Washington


Kay Smythe News and Commentary Writer
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At least two fatal car accidents occurred after the winter storm blanketing the U.S. struck the Pacific Northwest on Tuesday.

Three people, including a four-year-old child, were killed when severe weather from a continent-wide winter storm blew a large tree onto a pickup truck on U.S. 26 in Oregon, according to the Associated Press. All passengers were found dead when police and emergency responders arrived at the scene.

A similar situation occurred on the same road near Mount Hood, where a 53-year-old motorist was killed when a large tree fell on the commercial truck he was driving, the AP continued. Strong winds and snow conditions caused the driver to lose control of the vehicle and exit the highway. The driver was also pronounced dead at the scene.

A third person was killed when a tree fell on a pickup truck where the person was a passenger, the AP reported. The incident occurred on Interstate 84 near Cascade Locks. The driver was taken to a local hospital after sustaining injuries in the crash, which appears to have likely been caused by extreme weather conditions. (RELATED: Death Toll From Snow Storm And Extreme Cold Reaches 60 As Erie County, New York, Takes Biggest Hit)

Further north in Washington State, Tuesday’s storm conditions brought a high tide, huge waves, and flooding throughout the region, the AP continued. Flooding impacted parts of Seattle, where residents were filmed kayaking through the streets in the South Park neighborhood. Coastal advisories are in place through Friday afternoon.