Texas Supreme Court To Take Up Case Of Father Who May Lose Custody For Saying His Child Is Not Transgender

Not the child from the story. (REUTERS/Bogdan Cristel)

Sarah Weaver Social Issues Reporter
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The Texas Supreme Court has agreed to take up the case of Jeffrey Younger, a father who has alleged his ex-wife will offer transgender treatments to their son, James, without Younger’s consent.

Originally from Texas, the child’s parents have since separated, with the mother bringing James and his brother Jude to California, according to The Texan. While James has not begun transgender treatments, he is treated as a girl when under the care of his mother, Anne Georgulas, according to the outlet.

The California law from which Younger is seeking temporary emergency jurisdiction is set to go into effect Jan. 1, 2023. The law will prohibit the enforcement of another state’s laws requiring a parent’s consent for sex change treatments. Under Texas law, sex change surgeries and hormonal treatments are prohibited for children.

“Mother [Georgulas] contends that [the child] is a transgendered girl. Father [Jeffrey Younger] contends that [the child] is a normal boy confused in his identity due to the interventions of Mother,” Younger wrote in his Motion for Emergency Stay of the California law. (RELATED: Arizona Bill Would Target Use Of ‘Preferred Pronouns’ By Teachers In Schools)

Younger said in California, Georgulas would be able to provide their son with sex change treatments that he does not believe James should have, the court documents show. But Georgulas has disputed Younger’s claims about her intentions with the child in California.

“Father presents this court with a grave misrepresentation that Mother ‘has sought to chemically castrate’ their child and that [the child] would be subjected to ‘transgender procedures’ in California,” she said in her response to Younger’s request for emergency stay.