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Expand Your Business in 2023 Through Digital Drew SEM Marketing Agency

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Digital marketing is a fast-paced industry that has redefined marketing dynamics in every industry. Gone are the days when entrepreneurs could only advertise their businesses and products through traditional communication like newspapers. With the rise of technology, taking your brand out there has become easier. Social media, in particular, has become the primary means for people to advertise their products. Drew Blumenthal has realized the secret behind a successful business is a successful marketing strategy and has endeavored to help entrepreneurs with digital marketing.

Drew Blumenthal is a marketing expert, founder, and CEO of Digital Drew SEM. He is a 29-year-old talented and skilled entrepreneur who is highly sought after by clients worldwide. He was passionate about being in the business world from a young age and envisioned himself as one of the most successful entrepreneurs. “I’ve always had that entrepreneurial mindset. Whether running a lemonade stand or starting a babysitting service, the thrill of business has always fueled me,” he says. Prior to launching his own company marketing agency, Drew was employed by several marketing agencies. Drew worked with several Fortune 500s top marketing agencies, such as Samsung.

Armed with the experience and knowledge gained from his previous career, In 2017, Drew set out to begin his marketing agency. His agency did not pick up so well; he barely closed a client, but for a hardworking and passionate Drew, there was no room for quitting. He pressed on, and today he has over 50 clients from all over the world.

In his 20s, Drew built a 7-figure ad agency that has leveraged the digital space to do marketing. The agency recognizes the impact of social media marketing and utilizes Instagram and Facebook advertising platforms to reach a younger demographic with eye-catching images and videos. Search Engine Optimization puts your business in the limelight, and your clients can easily find you. Digital Drew Agency helps your business with SEO and leverages the power of Google ads to put your business just in front of the right audience in a timely fashion, all to one end, boosting your revenue.

An industry expert, Digital Drew SEM aims to make digital advertising part of every advertiser’s budget and business activities. They hope to inspire businesses of all industries and all sizes to embrace the digital age and use these platforms to enhance their business and lives. Aside from working one on one with their clients, they also provide user-friendly guides and digital media lessons. Digital Drew SEM continues to help people succeed even as the digital landscape becomes more complex and competitive.

However, it hasn’t always been a cakewalk for Drew; he started building his business from scratch at 24 and had little to no support considering his mother passed on when he was only 21. But for a determined and hardworking Drew, he managed to pull through. He advises aspiring entrepreneurs to be professional and focus on what they can control, which will see them reach great heights. He also emphasizes the need to be kind, as people will never forget you for the extra mile you went for them.

In the coming years, Drew hopes to see Digital Drew SEM continue to scale past 7 figures. As for his aspirations, he would love to have a book, be an influencer in the digital marketing space, and help millions of people make money online. Further, he hopes to get featured on Good Morning America and The Today Show someday.