J.J. Watt Shares Hilarious Story About ‘High Off His A**’ Teammate Jesse Luketa Reacting To Retirement News

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Andrew Powell Contributor
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Oh my God, this was absolutely hilarious.

Legendary defensive end J.J. Watt took to Twitter on Dec. 27 to send out a simple tweet announcing his retirement from the NFL. After he did that he stepped away from his phone for a short while, because he knew the reaction would be out of this world.

Watt told reporters he received tons of messages from friends and family, as well as comments from fans, all congratulating him on a Hall of Fame career, but there was one call in particular that peaked Watt’s interest.

“I’m scrolling through [my phone], and there’s this number that I don’t recognize that FaceTimes me,” Watt said. “So, I’m like, ‘I’m not going to answer a FaceTime I don’t know.’ So, I just let it go to voicemail, and then I get a text from that number. And it’s a voice memo. I’m like, ‘Who is this number?’ So I play the voice memo, and it’s – I wish I could play it so bad. I wish so bad.”

Well, we now have the tape, and it’s a work of art from Arizona Cardinals rookie linebacker Jesse Luketa, simply asking for a signed jersey from Watt before he rides off into the sunset — but here’s the kicker: Luketa was “high off his ass.”

I don’t blame Luketa whatsoever for doing this — it’s totally something I would do.

See, it doesn’t matter what kind of condition you’re in, and Luketa gets it. If someone as legendary as J.J. Watt retires — somebody who is guaranteed to make the Pro Football Hall of Fame — you’ve got to put your personal stuff aside and get that autographed merchandise. Never mind how much it would be worth. To a millionaire like Luketa, that jersey would look so swagged-out in a frame hung up somewhere in a flashy mansion. (RELATED: ESPN Is Bringing Back Their ‘This Is SportsCenter’ Campaign In Absolutely Fantastic News)

This is totally one of those “I wish I was a rich and famous athlete” moments for me, because I would have everything I got in my playing career (such as the J.J. Watt signed jersey, or a custom-made arcade machine that I got from one of my teammates, or swag I got in my college days for being in the College Football Playoff) stored in my fly-ass crib.

Damn, it must be nice.