Ring In ’23 The Right Way: By Taking Dana White’s Advice To Post-Pandemic ‘P*ssies’ Who Want To ‘Quiet Quit’

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Leena Nasir Entertainment Reporter
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Dana White is continuing his insane grind and work ethic in 2023, and a flashback to his 2022 interview with TorchPro offers good advice for all the post-pandemic slackers out there who need a kick-start in the new year.

Let’s face it: UFC wouldn’t exist without White’s tenacity and the 24/7 beast-mode approach he takes to his career. That hustle is the driving force behind White’s success, and he seems disgusted by the young generation that’s too soft to step it up.

The pandemic has come and gone. It’s no longer a valid reason for “quiet quitting” and lame excuses in the workplace. White clearly believes success is earned, and that it doesn’t come without a fight. He gave some advice to all the “savages out there,” and a warning to all the p*ssies: “For the small group of savages out there: run these f*cking kids right over man, run ’em over,” White said.

White didn’t get this far by being  a softie, and he thinks the young generation needs a good shake. He referenced those who are using the pandemic as an excuse to hide behind their devices, refusing to get a job that involves real, in-person hustle.

“And this whole COVID thing, ‘People don’t wanna go back to work’ and, you know, ‘They wanna stay home’ and all this bullshit, man. You can’t build a real business with people staying at home,” White said.

“You need that connection, you need to be in the office with your like-minded group of people,” he continued. “And you need to be brainstorming and working and coming up with ideas to take the company further and this next generation is just a fucking group of p*ssies man,” he said. (RELATED: Hall Of Famer For UFC Stephan Bonnar Dies At Age 45)

The successful UFC president called out the lazy youngsters by drawing on his own success and work ethic.

“That was always my mentality: ‘Nobody’s ever gonna fuckin’ out-work me,’ so it should be yours,” he said.

He signed off with a few words of wisdom: “You out there that are listening right now: there’s never been more opportunity than there is today.”