‘The Idea That You Don’t Need Men … Is Crazy’: Rogan Rips So-Called Toxic Masculinity

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Brianna Lyman News and Commentary Writer
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Podcaster Joe Rogan said the idea that men aren’t needed in the future is “crazy” and criticized the concept of so-called “toxic masculinity” during his latest podcast.

Rogan was talking with “The Walking Dead” actor Jon Bernthal when they began discussing so-called “toxic masculinity.”

Bernthal said that the term “get[s] thrown around all the time,” and said that “having the ability and understanding you have the responsibility to keep your family safe is absolutely essential to being a man.”

Bernthal did add that certain men promote toxicity but that they’re mostly outliers. (RELATED: Dear Kay: What Happened To Real Men? Are There Any Left?)

Rogan then jumped in to defend masculinity.

“There’s not term ‘toxic femininity’, right? But there’s toxic human beings, and some of them happen to be male and some of them happen to be female,” Rogan said. “But it’s not an indictment on male, you know, the male gender of the species. That’s crazy.”

“The idea that you don’t need men that somehow or another like the female is the future. It’s like, ‘what are you talking about?’ That’s crazy. You need a balance. There’s a yin and yang in this life for a reason. All of it goes together. Just everybody has to do better.”

So-called “toxic masculinity” is defined, in part, as “suppressing emotions or masking distress” or “maintaining an appearance of hardness,” according to The New York Times.