Another Massive Ice Storm To Hit Middle America, More Extreme Weather Expected Across US


Kay Smythe News and Commentary Writer
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Another significant storm is heading for Middle America on Tuesday and Wednesday, with other weather warnings being issued for much of the rest of the U.S.

The next major storm is expected to travel from the Central Plains to the Upper Midwest through the week, bringing heavy snow, severe thunderstorms, heavy rainfall and ice, according to the National Weather Service. The weather system will distribute the various forms of precipitation and storms across much of the country, with “localized significant ice accumulations” predicted from Nebraska through to Minnesota, the NWS warned in its forecast.

California, which has already suffered massive flooding from ongoing downpours since New Years Eve, will see more rain, according to Cap Radio. One person has already died and thousands in the state are without power. The Sierra Nevada Mountains are likely to experience heavy snow through Wednesday, with multiple fronts moving in, the NWS noted.

Further east, the Central Gulf Coast, Tennessee Valley and Southern Appalachians are on flash flood alert starting Tuesday, the NWS noted. Localized areas, such as urban areas, roads and small streams are considered most at risk for sudden flooding.

Rain will also hit the Middle Mississippi, Ohio Valley and Great Lakes regions on Tuesday. (RELATED: Massive ‘Atmospheric River’ To Drench California, Western US)

The northernmost reaches of the country could see more  than 12 inches of snowfall and high winds, creating snowdrifts, the NWS forecast. Travel warnings have been put in place due to potential reduced visibility and conditions deemed “impossible” to navigate.