NFL Announces Fate Of Cancelled Monday Night Game

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Andrew Powell Sports and Entertainment Blogger
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The NFL has made its decision.

The NFL announced in a Jan. 3 statement that the Monday Night Football contest between the Buffalo Bills and Cincinnati Bengals will not resume this week, and there’s no clarity on whether or not the teams will even make up the game.

The game was postponed after 24-year-old Buffalo Bills safety Damar Hamlin suffered cardiac arrest following a tackle. (RELATED: NFL Unites In Prayer For Damar Hamlin)

An ambulance brought Hamlin off the field and drove him to the University of Cincinnati Medical Center, where he remains in critical condition, according to a Jan. 3 announcement from the Bills cited by the NFL.

What an absolutely insane day this has been for me, covering this entire ordeal.

You know how when something major happens in society (usually bad), and it’s such big news that you’re completely surrounded by this vibe the entire day? I don’t really know how to explain it, but I think a lot of people will know what I mean. And I think a lot of us are feeling that today. I know I am.

And I understand I might be feeling it more than most because I cover this stuff for a living, but man, what a day. I’ve covered millions of dollars being flooded into Hamlin’s charity after the incident, the entire NFL going to God through this whole ordeal, Hamlin’s family releasing a statement, and now here I am reporting on the league announcing its decision on the game.

And it all started Monday night, when I was watching WWE Monday Night Raw and the news put a damper on a good episode when it came in. It’s just been a weird… not even 24 hours yet.

I just hope this twilight experience doesn’t end with horrific news — which I’ll be honest, I’m terrified will happen.

Stay strong, Damar. Stay strong, king.