Tiger Shark Spotted Charging Towards Swimmer In Scary Drone Video

[Public/Screenshot/YouTube — User: NDTV]

Brianna Lyman News and Commentary Writer
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Chilling drone footage shows a massive tiger shark circling a group of unsuspecting swimmers Dec. 28.

The “Jaws”-like scene took place at Hillarys Dog Beach near Perth, Western Australia, when Sam Wood’s drone footage captured the shark lurking near several swimmers. Wood told 7News Perth he was filming approximately 800 meters away from the beach when he noticed the shark in his drone footage.

One woman can be seen mere feet from the shore, looking over her shoulder as the shark swims directly towards her before abruptly turning away. (RELATED: Study Alleges Discovery Channel’s ‘Shark Week’ Is Biased Against Sharks, Women)

WATCH the footage here.

Public/Screenshot/YouTube — User: NDTV

Public/Screenshot/YouTube — User: NDTV

Another man can be seen floating in the clear waters, apparently unaware of what lurked behind him. Two dogs were playing with each another along the shore as the shark floated nearby.

“I was worried at some stage that this could be an attack, and I was obviously quite scared,” Wood told 7News Perth. Wood said he immediately ran down to the shore to alert the swimmers of the shark, and that all the beachgoers immediately fled the waters.

A 68-year-old man was recently attacked by a shark in Hawaii as he swam roughly 400 yards away from shore. The swimmer, who was bit in the torso, managed to defend himself from the shark with a diving knife, prompting the shark to release his grip.