Anna Paulina Luna Demands Retraction From Rival Who Claimed She Slept With Matt Gaetz And Uses Witchcraft

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Sarah Weaver Social Issues Reporter
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Florida Rep.-elect Anna Paulina Luna is demanding an apology and retraction from Matt Tito for accusations he has made that she is a witch and has slept with Florida Congressman Matt Gaetz, the Daily Beast reports.

Luna, who was elected to represent Florida’s 13th congressional district in November 2022, has retained the services of the law firm Holland & Knight. Luna’s lawyers are demanding Tito make a public apology for his remarks, according to a letter obtained by the outlet. Tito, who had considered challenging Luna in the Republican primary, made the claims on the Bubba the Love Sponge radio show in August 2022.

An Oct. 7 letter sent to Tito by Luna’s legal representation says Tito’s comments were “said in gross negligence knowing the statements were highly implausible and unlikely to be true.” (RELATED: ‘Way Out Of Line’: Pro-Life Activists Blast Trump For Blaming The Movement For GOP’s Poor Midterm Performance)

“While it is extraordinarily odd for any person to say these things, let alone a former Captain in the United States Marine Corps., that is not the purpose of this communication,” attorney David J. Lisko wrote.

The letter demands that Tito either make the public apology and retraction on the Bubba the Love Sponge Show or hand a video statement to Luna, who would share it on her social media, the outlet reported.

Luna declined to comment when confronted concerning the matter on Capitol Hill on Tuesday. Later, she shared a video of her interaction with a reporter and called it “sexual harassment,” according to the Daily Beast.

“When you’re a woman who stands up to the swamp, you are sexually harassed leaving your office, accused of having sex with members, being a witch, and more lies. This is why we must drain the swamp,” Luna wrote on Twitter. “This is not journalism. Is this how female reps are treated?”

Tito claims he first heard the rumors about Luna from Hispanics for Trump associate Paloma Zuniga, who allegedly said Luna, “puts spells on people,” according to the outlet.

“I didn’t wake up one morning when I was going on the Bubba the Love Sponge show and say I am going to pull a bunch of stuff out of my ass and talk about it,” Tito told the Daily Beast.

Tito says he has not responded to the letter from Luna’s lawyers, but viewed it as an effort to “intimidate” him.

Gaetz’s office denies the allegations of a “sexual encounter” with Luna, the outlet reports.