Legendary NFL Kicker Adam Vinatieri Is So Jacked Up That He Looks Like He’s About To Step Into A WWE Ring

[Twitter/Screenshot/Public -- User: @AdamVinatieri]

Andrew Powell Contributor
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Is Adam Vinatieri pursuing a career in professional wrestling?

Legendary NFL kicker Adam Vinatieri hasn’t played in the league since 2019, but that doesn’t mean he’s stopped being physical. In fact, he’s gotten so physical it’s now to the point where the man is completely jacked up.

Winning four Super Bowls with the New England Patriots in his career, the Hall of Fame-bound Vinatieri posted a video of himself lifting weights Jan. 3, and you can’t help but notice how bulked up he’s gotten since 2020.

“Is this how 50 is supposed to look?!,” Vinatieri deservedly flaunted.

Come to find out, this clip was actually a follow-up to a Tweet from Vinatieri on Christmas Eve, when the legend wished everyone a “Merry Liftmas.”

Vinatieri got so jacked that he looks like he’s getting ready for this month’s WWE Royal Rumble, and quite frankly, he’s already looking set.

Which has me thinking, and this is a message to Paul “Triple H” Levesque: Why not put Adam Vinatieri in the Royal Rumble? No seriously, why not put him in the Royal Rumble? You could make him one of the big event’s surprise appearances. (RELATED: NFL Hall Of Famer Harry Carson Says He Won’t Let His Grandson Play Football)

It literally looks like this man could hold his own in a 30-man battle royale.

I’m dead serious, let’s put Vinatieri in this thing:

Let’s make this happen. I want to see this happen.