GOP Rep. Scott Perry Slams Crenshaw, Bacon For ‘Over The Top’ And ‘Outrageous’ Attacks On Fellow Republicans

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Brianna Lyman News and Commentary Writer
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Republican Pennsylvania Rep. Scott Perry slammed GOP Reps. Dan Crenshaw and Don Bacon on Wednesday after the two congressmen attacked Republicans who refuse to support California Rep. Kevin McCarthy for speaker of the House.

In a statement Tuesday, Crenshaw branded Republican representatives who oppose McCarthy as “narcissists” who are “enemies now.”

The House adjourned late Tuesday without electing a speaker after three ballots failed to give any candidate a majority. During the first ballot 10 Republicans voted for Arizona Rep. Andy Biggs while nine others voted for other candidates. The second vote saw 19 Republicans vote for Ohio Rep. Jim Jordan.

“They are our enemies now,” Crenshaw said of Republicans who oppose McCarthy. “They have made it clear that they prefer a Democrat agenda than a Republican one.”

Bacon called the 19 Republicans who voted against McCarthy the “chaos caucus” and said some have taken to calling them the “Taliban 19,” according to The Associated Press. (RELATED: Rep. Byron Donalds Says ‘Very Little’ Ground Made Among GOP In Speaker Contest)

Perry — who voted for Biggs on the first ballot and for Jordan on the second and third ballots — slammed Crenshaw and Bacon for their remarks, calling them “outrageous.”

“First of all, I wore the uniform just like Don Bacon did and like Dan Crenshaw did and they both know these are outrageous, over the top, personal attacks and these are desperate tactics from people who can’t win on merits of argument and quite honestly on their record,” Perry said on Fox Business.

“There are members of past and present that have a vested interest in protecting the swamp and the status quo. Somebody has to fight for the American people who know this always happens to them. This keeps happening to them. Somebody has to fight for them. That’s us. That’s who’s doing it, and we’re not going to back down for them.”

McCarthy needs 218 votes to win the speakership. Voting is set to resume Wednesday afternoon.