‘Unclutch Your Pearls’: Crenshaw Fires Back At Tucker Carlson

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Brianna Lyman News and Commentary Writer
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Texas Republican Rep. Dan Crenshaw fired back at Daily Caller co-founder and Fox News host Tucker Carlson over his comments on Republicans opposing Kevin McCarthy.

Crenshaw compared the group of Republicans who have voted in opposition to Kevin McCarthy as speaker of the House to “enemies.” Crenshaw then doubled down on his comments Wednesday, telling reporters “it’s a figure of speech.”

“People need to lighten up and grow some fucking thick skin. That’s what I think about that. I am so sick of like these hurt feelings.”

Carlson criticized Crenshaw for the comments.

“They’re terrorists now? It’s hard not to see the connection, because over the past few years pretty much every part of the war on terror has been turned against the domestic political enemies of the neocons,” Carlson said. “So now they’re coming out and tell you what they told you about Iraq: Either you’re with us or against us. You’re on the side of light or darkness. You’re good or evil.”

Crenshaw responded, telling Carlson to “grow thicker skin.” (RELATED: ‘This Is Democracy’: Jake Tapper Says ‘Chaotic’ Speaker Election Isn’t Abnormal)

“Unclutch your pearls,” Crenshaw tweeted. “It’s a figure of speech. You can’t insult, slander, and hold everyone hostage with no way out – and not expect me to punch back.”

The House adjourned for the second time Wednesday with no speaker after no candidate won a majority of votes in the sixth ballot for Speaker. McCarthy opponents have coalesced around several candidates such as Arizona Rep. Andy Biggs, Ohio Rep. Jim Jordan and Florida Rep. Byron Donalds.