EXCLUSIVE INFO: Joe Rogan Guest Says Thousands Of Ancient Artifacts Were Dumped, Tells Public Where To Find Them


Kay Smythe News and Commentary Writer
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John Reeves, the man behind “The Boneyard Alaska,” said during a late-December interview on the Joe Rogan Experience that he knows where the American Museum of Natural History allegedly dumped thousands of mammoth tusks and other ancient artifacts.

Reeves, an Alaskan mining magnate who runs the epic Instagram page “The Boneyard Alaska,” showed Rogan evidence that the American Museum of Natural History reportedly dumped a countless number of mammoth tusks and other artifacts recovered from his land in Alaska into New York City’s East River in 1940. The museum sent Reeves paperwork proving that it took the bones from what is now his property, but dumped them in New York City, likely because it ran out of room to store everything.

The exact location of the dump site is East River Drive near 65th Street, according to Reeves’ records, and he wants people to go out and find everything the museum allegedly dumped. As far as he’s concerned, even though the bones came from his land, they now belong to whomever is willing to go down into the depths of the river and find them.

The potential value of the allegedly dumped artifacts is incalculable, as it’s not precisely known how many are down there. Reeves suggested that a complete mammoth can fetch upwards of $250,000 or more, but the tusks alone are worth some $20,000 and are so heavy they’d likely have sunk where they were dumped, according to the Daily Mail.

Reeves’ land in Alaska is a hotbed for bones of mammoths, dire wolves, short-nosed bears, and other now-extinct megafauna that once roamed the American continent. (RELATED: Archeologists Call Fun Police On Netflix Doc In Hilariously Hypocritical Letter)

Hundreds of thousands of ancient bones have been pulled from the melted permafrost and geological formations on the land, suggesting a potential sudden mass-death event that washed hundreds of thousands of dead animals into the same deposit.

The Daily Caller spoke to co-director of the Comet Research Group and founder of the Cosmic Summit George Howard, who theorized a number of reasons the heap of bones are all at the site. The coolest part? Howard actually has a mammoth tusks from Fairbanks — incredibly close, if not the exact same site now owned by Reeves.

The tusk contains residue of a massive asteroid impact, and Howard and colleagues wrote one of the only papers on the discovery — something Reeves apparently was unaware of when he was interviewed by Rogan.

The evidence from the site plays into growing speculation that our planet has been bombarded with asteroid impacts that have led to mass extinction events, similar to those contained within the Younger Dryas impact hypothesis.

Fans of Rogan’s podcast will remember all this from interviews with Graham Hancock and Randall Carlson on the topic. Similar events were detailed in Hanock’s hit Netflix series “Ancient Apocalypse.”

Check out this clip with Reeves from the episode, and listen to the whole thing here.

The Daily Caller has reached out to the American Museum of Natural History and will update as necessary.