REPORT: NFL Executive Troy Vincent Said League, Teams Have Not Had Discussion About Postponing Patriots-Bills Game

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The NFL playoff picture is so out of whack right now and it looks like it could get worse.

The Buffalo Bills and Cincinnati Bengals were set to square off on the Week 17 edition of Monday Night Football, and the game ultimately got postponed mid-game after Bills safety Damar Hamlin suffered cardiac arrest. The league hasn’t announced when the game will resume or if it will even take place. And another game in Week 18 could be facing a similar fate.

During a conference call Jan. 4 about the Damar Hamlin incident, NFL Executive Vice President of Football Operations Troy Vincent spoke about the upcoming contest between the Bills and New England Patriots. He didn’t rule out the possibility that game being postponed as well if Buffalo feels like they aren’t ready to play.

“We have not had that discussion,” said Vincent, referencing the Bills-Patriots game possibly being postponed. “It’s really important that we just keep the pulse of the coach and the players, and don’t get in front of that. And we’ll allow Sean [McDermott] and his team and his staff and his players, which are the most important thing here, to guide this, if we have to make that decision collectively with the club.”

My stance on Damar Hamlin is still exactly the same. I hope the young king gets healthy, and by the grace of God, can get back on the football field one day. However, some point soon, the league is going to have to decide what to do about these games as we’re just a week and some change out of the playoffs.

My Miami Dolphins still have a chance to make the postseason, but in order to do it, the Bills need to take out the Patriots and then the Dolphins have to beat the New York Jets. If those two things happen, we’re in. Not bad circumstances for Miami. What happens with their situation if the Bills-Patriots game isn’t played? (RELATED: NFL Hall Of Famer Harry Carson Says He Won’t Let His Grandson Play Football)

That would lead to a situation where the Bills (and the Patriots) both have leverage because they don’t have to play games potentially, affecting other teams’ opportunities to make the playoffs (or getting higher seeds).

I’m praying for recovery with Hamlin.

Playoff spots are up for grabs.