Former NFL Receiver K.J. Wright Implies League Switched Up Scheduling To Help Rig Results

[TikTok/Screenshot/KIRO 710 AM via norbcam]

Andrew Powell Contributor
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Add another person to the list who thinks the NFL is rigged.

Former NFL wide receiver K.J. Wright, who played 10 years for the Seattle Seahawks and one for the Las Vegas Raiders, appeared on KIRO 710 AM in Seattle where he spoke about the league switching up their scheduling. But he didn’t just speak about it, he suggested that the NFL might be rigging its results.

After saying “I’m not gonna say that it’s rigged,” Wright then implied that the league is, saying that the NFL switched up the timing of the Green Bay Packers-Detroit Lions game to Sunday Night Football so it would give the Packers leverage with a deflated Lions team. This apparently because they would be eliminated from the playoffs with a Seahawks victory earlier in the day against the Los Angeles Rams.

Wright then got even deeper about it, claiming the NFL also manipulates their results through calls and penalties.

@norbcam Is the NFL rigged? Former Seahawk KJ Wright speaks out @seahawks @Green Bay Packers @Detroit Lions #12s #gohawks ♬ original sound – Norb Caoili

Man, the amount of people who I have heard say “the NFL is rigged” over the years is absolutely incredible, and here we go again with K.J. Wright pretty much saying the same thing. Given that he’s a former NFL wide receiver, it’s definitely saying something.

I can’t lie, I’ve been skeptical of the same thing over time, because in my nearly three decades of watching football, I’ve seen a lot of shady stuff. And now that we have a former NFL player saying the same thing, it just raises my suspicions even more, and quite frankly, he might be right. (RELATED: NFL Teams Shuffle Around Starting QBs As Last Week Before Playoffs Approaches)

It is very convenient that the league would schedule the Green Bay Packers game as the last one of the day after all of the playoff implications have been figured out, and on top of that, face a Lions team with not much to play for (pending a Seahawks victory, which they most likely will get against the trash Rams).

Awfully, awfully convenient. Just awfully, awfully convenient.