REPORT: Miami Dolphins May Fire Mike McDaniel If They Lose To New York Jets And Miss Playoffs

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Andrew Powell Contributor
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It’s been such an interesting season for my Miami Dolphins, and here we go again.

If the Miami Dolphins lose their Week 18 game against the New York Jets and miss the NFL playoffs, owner Stephen Ross could potentially fire head coach Mike McDaniel, general manager Chris Grier and defensive coordinator Josh Boyer, according to a report from Outkick’s Armando Salguero.

Salguero claimed Grier is in trouble because of his moves. Grier picked Tua Tagovailoa in the 2020 NFL Draft, but he can’t stay durable. He traded for linebacker Bradley Chubb, but Chubb hasn’t performed. Apparently, this now has Ross questioning the payoff of trading away so many first-round picks.

Then Salguero’s piece got even more interesting, as he alleged Ross could potentially fire McDaniel and have another go for Sean Payton.

Salguero also reported from his sources that Boyer could be gone regardless of what happens with McDaniel.

Salguero then discussed Tagovailoa, saying the Dolphins need to make a decision about what they’re going to do with him because of his lack of durability. He also brought up something I blogged about recently: Aaron Rodgers said he’s interested in coming down to South Beach — and if he’s serious, Ross will most certainly take him up on that.

When I first saw the headline from Barstool Sports, I originally had the same mindset: “Why on earth would you fire Mike McDaniel? What an idiotic decision! Typical Dolphins! Just dumb!”

Then I looked into it more and realized Stephen Ross could have another go for Sean Payton. Even though I love Mike McDaniel, I think you gotta rock with Payton if you can get him. On top of that, the Dolphins might be able to get an Aaron Rodgers or Tom Brady in the offseason, and having Payton would certainly make it easier to land one of them.

Again, I love Mike McDaniel, but I can see what Stephen Ross might be thinking here. It would be completely unfair for McDaniel, sure, but can’t you see what Ross is trying to do? (RELATED: REPORT: NCAA Investigating Michigan, Jim Harbaugh Expected To Remain)

He’s trying to be elite, and as a Dolphins fan, I’m not going to stop him. I mean, could you imagine a Rodgers or Brady lined up with Tyreek Hill and Jaylen Waddle, with Sean Payton leading that damn unit?

Lord have mercy. That is absolutely sexy.

No matter what happens, the Miami Dolphins have a very bright future ahead of them, with multiple options when it comes to achieving success.

Next thing you know, we have Sean Payton as our head coach and Tom Brady as our quarterback.

Glorious times ahead — I just hope my ‘Phins don’t mess this up in their typical old fashion.