Video Shows Parked Car’s Headlights Turn On After Lightning Strikes


Paul Aubert Contributor
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Shocking CCTV footage from a North Carolina parking lot shows a stray lightning bolt strike near a parked truck which led to its headlights turning on.

The video footage was recorded Wednesday at the JR Motorsports headquarters in Mooresville, North Carolina. The footage was posted by JR Motorsports’ Twitter account with the caption, “starting the year off with a bang.”

The video shows an uneventful rainy parking lot before the lightning strikes. The lightning bolt strikes near a white Chevy truck, and immediately electricity and sparks can be seen.

Some sparks jump from the ground to a neighboring metal gate, electrifying the gate briefly. Within moments, the lightning is gone, leaving just sparks and smoke.

Then the truck’s headlights flip on, presumably due to the lightning strike. (RELATED: Two Florida Giraffes Dead After Lightning Strike)

Twitter users jumped to make humorous comments about the bizarre event.

“Funny how the headlights magically turned on. Real storm or very clever Chevy commercial filming?” one user asked.

“Driver: I need a jump. Mother Nature: I got you,” another Twitter user joked.

The extraordinary chain of events comes as severe weather has rolled across the United States in recent weeks.