REPORT: Five Dead In Murder-Suicide, Including 3 Children

[Screenshot/YouTube/WXII 12 News]

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Police in North Carolina stumbled upon a grisly scene Saturday when they discovered five people, including 3 children, dead in an apparent murder-suicide. 

Police responded to the High Point home at approximately 7 a.m. after neighbors reported a man and woman running down the street calling for help. When officers arrived on the scene, they were directed to a home, whereupon forcing entry, they discovered the bodies of two adults and three juveniles, the High Point Police Department reported in a statement. (RELATED: Police Find Eight Family Members, Including Five Children, Shot To Death In Utah Home: Reports)

Initially, there were four adults in the home during the incident but two – the aforementioned man and woman – had escaped to find help, Police Captain Matt Truitt told WFMY News

One neighbor told the outlet she had been awoken by the two survivors who were repeatedly ringing her doorbell and calling for help. Scared, she phoned the police.  

“I was just like that’s never happened here in like for it to just happened in my house especially it’s like oh my God, what do I do? I just decided to call 911 because I was like I’ll just leave it up to them because I don’t want to put my life on my family’s life at risk.”

The two surviving adults were not injured and were later questioned by police. The names of the victims and other details have not been released so as to protect the ongoing investigation, the High Point police report stated. Police do not believe there is any active on-going threat to the community.