Green Bay Packers’ Quay Walker Apologizes After Pushing Medical Staffer During Game

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Andrew Powell Sports and Entertainment Blogger
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Well, this was dumb.

After shoving a Detroit Lions athletic trainer on the Jan. 8 edition of Sunday Night Football, Green Bay Packers linebacker Quay Walker apologized Monday for the incident.

Taking to Twitter, Walker — who ended up being ejected in Green Bay’s 20-16 defeat after the push — stated that he takes “full responsibility” for his actions.

“I want to apologize publicly about what happened Sunday night. I reacted off of my emotions again and take full responsibility of making another stupid decision,” tweeted Walker.

Yeah, it was a pretty stupid decision on Quay Walker’s part to push an athletic trainer of all people, but I’m not going to be too tough on him. This doesn’t happen much with me, so it’s saying a lot, but I actually feel through Walker’s apology that he actually means it and knows that he screwed up.

I could sit here and be a gunslinger and nail his coffin completely shut with my hot take artistry, but I truly believe that Quay knows that he messed up. It’s like that scene from “Menace II Society.” (RELATED: Peach State Dominance: The Georgia Bulldogs Will Win The National Championship (Again) And Become The New Alabama)

Imagine the public being the cop and Quay is the guy being questioned.

“You know you fu*ked up, right?”

Quay knows he messed up, and I’ll leave it at that.