California National Guard General Relieved Of Duty After Allegedly Using Troops For Personal Errands

Photo by JUNG YEON-JE/AFP via Getty Images

Paul Aubert Contributor
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A California National Guard general has been relieved of his duties after he reportedly ordered subordinate troops to run personal errands for himself and his mother.

Brigadier General Jeffrey Magram is being “involuntarily transferred” to serve in the U.S. Air Force retired reserve after an internal disciplinary board investigated multiple allegations that he abused his authority, the LA Times reported.

Complaints state Magram once ordered a subordinate to drive him 120 miles to a dentist appointment and forced a service member to accompany his mother on a shopping trip.

The guardsman who drove Magram to his dentist appointment lamented in a complaint, “my job is to take care of the airmen in the state of California and not be a chauffeur for a general,” per the outlet.

Another complaint accused Magram of putting a fighter jet on standby in an attempt to scare civilian protestors into dispersing, per the outlet

Additionally, Magram once allegedly ordered a subordinate to complete the general’s annual cybersecurity training — two weeks after its completion was due. Magram claimed he did this because he was suffering from “a tremendously busy operational tempo,” reported the LA Times.

A California National Guard spokesperson told the LA Times that Magram’s involuntary transfer is “parallel” to being fired.

The general failed to offer an apology in a statement he released following his transfer. “I want to reiterate that had I ever heard of any ethics issues like this from subordinates, peers or commanders, or perceptions of such, I would have corrected or addressed it on the spot,” Magram wrote, according to the outlet.

A memo written to Magram by Major General Matthew Beavers, the Guard’s acting adjutant general, said, “Your conduct has caused me to lose faith, trust, and confidence in your ability to continue serving,” per the LA Times.