George Clooney And His Friend Doug Claim Biden Has California’s Back


Kay Smythe News and Commentary Writer
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Actor George Clooney and his buddy, Second Gentleman Douglas Emhoff, said Monday that the Biden Administration will support California as a third straight week of extreme weather hits the state.

Clooney and Emhoff appeared together at a Monday press conference where they were supposed to discuss education, according to CNBC. Emhoff, however, had other ideas for how he wanted the panel to go. “We just want everyone to know here, that from the federal level, local, state, individual communities: this administration has your back,” Emhoff told a crowd at Los Angeles Unified School District’s Roybal Film and Television Production Magnet School, as seen in a clip shared by a local reporter.

Fourteen people have died and hundreds of thousands of others are displaced or without power as a third consecutive week of torrential precipitation drowned the typically drought-ridden state.

Emhoff and Clooney’s expertise in extreme weather management is well known. Thanks to Clooney’s amazing career as an actor, where he says words written for him by other people, moves his body when someone else tells him too, and dresses in clothes picked out for him by other people, he is known for having zero experience in the field of disaster management.

The same can be said for Emhoff, who has seemingly been secretly granted permission to speak on behalf of the most powerful office in the world. As the husband of a woman who couldn’t even get her own state to vote for her for president, Emhoff’s practical skills in meteorology and disaster relief are about as sufficient as using chocolate as a brake disc. (RELATED: Nonstop Weather Alerts Issued As The Third Week Of Extreme Storms Hits California)

I bet Californians are thrilled that these two men, who are only famous because of other people, are right there to support them in their time of need. Let’s hope the Biden administration keeps up with this new trend of sending utterly useless, completely unqualified celebrities to disaster sites.