$15.1 Million Lottery Ticket Sold In Town With The Perfect Name

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A $15.1 million lottery ticket was sold Wednesday in a small Wisconsin town called Luck.

Wayne’s Foods Plus was a scene of excitement Thursday morning when manager Paul Wondra discovered the winning Megabucks lottery ticket had been sold at his grocery store, CBS News reported.

“Thursday morning, when I come in and run my morning reports and get your lottery report – it shows congrats to Wayne’s foods in Luck, [Wisconsin], for selling a 15-million-dollar mega-bucks ticket,” Wondra told the outlet. “I was looking for my ticket, but I didn’t have one.”

With the odds sitting at one in 6,991,908, someone in the town of 1,119 certainly got very lucky, but it wasn’t Wayne’s Foods shopper Jay Belisle. Belisle joked with reporters that if he had known about the winning ticket, he would have tricked his mother when she asked him if he had bought a lottery ticket at the store Wednesday. (RELATED: Massachusetts Veteran Wins Lottery Prize For Life Six Different Times)

Wondra’s store became a hub of sorts for lottery players hoping to win their own bit of luck.

“We said well, get ready, it’s going to be a crazy day, and they weren’t lying,” Wondra told CBS News. “I was told by the lottery people that, now you’re going to be that mecca. You sold a big ticket, you’re going to be the place to go. So far, it’s holding true.”

As for the lucky winner, Wondra predicted their identity won’t stay secret for long. “Small town, word travels. As much as you want to keep something quiet, it’s impossible,” he told the outlet.