New Details Emerge In Gruesome New Year’s Eve Murder Of Elderly Couple

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New details have been released in connection with the gruesome New Year’s Eve murder of an elderly couple in their Florida retirement home, according to multiple outlets.

Darryl Getman, 83, and his wife Sharon, 80, were found stabbed to death in their home after a neighbor contacted Mount Dora security upon finding the couple’s garage door open. New details show police found Sharon lying in a pool of blood in the front entryway of the couple’s home, according to the affidavit filed Monday, cited by the New York Post (NYP). Police also found Darryl nearby with “severe head and facial trauma as well as a large butcher-style knife with a yellow handle stuck to the hilt in his abdomen,” the affidavit continued.

Darryl’s body also showed signs suggesting he tried to fight off his attacker, police said, according to the outlet.

Investigators reportedly found bloody towels near Sharon and another towel in the guest bathroom, indicating an attempt to clean up after the murders, according to the NYP. Bloody footprints were allegedly found throughout the couple’s home and their garage as well as curly black hairs that police say could belong to the suspect, the outlet reported. (RELATED: Police Detain Suspect In University Of Idaho Slayings)

Police arrested Vickie Lynn Williams, 50, and charged her with the murders after initially charging her with vehicle theft when she was found driving the Getmans’ car in Savannah. Williams claimed she had been in Savannah at the time of the murders, but police said a fingerprint identified Williams as being in the Getmans’ home, according to WESH News.

Williams has been charged with vehicle theft and two counts of first-degree murder.

The exact causes of the Getmans’ deaths have yet to be revealed. The medical examiner’s report is pending, the NYP reported.