‘Deceit, Lies, And Fabrication’: Long Island Republicans Urge Rep. George Santos To Resign

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Michael Ginsberg Congressional Correspondent
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More than a dozen Long Island Republicans, including Rep. Anthony D’Esposito, urged GOP Rep. George Santos to resign from Congress during a Wednesday press conference.

Santos won an upset victory in the November midterms, defeating Democrat Robert Zimmerman in a district that leans two points towards the Democratic Party. Shortly after the November midterms, several media outlets reported that Santos had lied about having a Wall Street career and having grandparents who survived the Holocaust. Others have questioned how Santos funded his campaign, given his failure to file Federal Election Commission reports in a timely manner and assertions that he personally loaned the campaign thousands of dollars.

“George Santos’ campaign last year was a campaign of deceit, lies, and fabrication. He deceived the voters of the 3rd Congressional District, he deceived members of the Nassau County Republican Committee, elected officials, his colleagues, candidates, his opponents, and even some of the media,” Nassau County Republican Committee Chairman Joseph G. Cairo said. “His lies were not mere fibs. He disgraced the House of Representatives.”


Santos’ fellow Long Island Republican Reps. Nick LaLota and Anthony D’Esposito have already called for Santos to face an ethics investigation, while Speaker of the House Kevin McCarthy said Wednesday that Santos will not receive a coveted position on the House Financial Services Committee. D’Esposito called on Santos to resign while participating remotely.

“It seems that most of the things he discussed during his campaign were outright lies. I think that what’s most important as a public servant is treating the public with respect and gaining and earning their trust, something that all of you behind that podium have done,” D’Esposito said. “I join with you and I join with my colleagues in saying that George Santos does not have the ability to serve here in the House of Representatives and should resign.”

“There is absolutely no way Mr. Santos can be an effective member of Congress and represent the people who elected him. The longer he remains in office, the longer the residents of the 3rd Congressional District will suffer. Mr. Santos, haven’t you done enough harm?” North Hempstead Town Supervisor Jennifer DeSena asked.

Santos responded defiantly, saying on Twitter that he plans to serve out his term. (RELATED: Brazil To Press Fraud Charges Against Rep-Elect George Santos)

I was elected to serve the people of #NY03 not the party & politicians, I remain committed to doing that and regret to hear that local officials refuse to work with my office to deliver results to keep our community safe and lower the cost of living,” he said.