The New York Giants’ Playoff Hype Video Gets You So Pumped It’ll Make You Wish Your Team Made It

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Andrew Powell Contributor
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You’re gonna wish your team made this.

Ahead of their Jan. 15 NFL Wild Card game against the Minnesota Vikings, the New York Giants unveiled their “OUR WAY” campaign for the franchise’s run in the playoffs, kicking things off with a hype video starring Giants legend and New York City icon Michael Strahan.

And believe me, this thing gets you pumped:


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The New York Giants couldn’t have made a better choice than Michael Strahan to do the hype video. Not only is the “Good Morning America” host a Giants legend with a Super Bowl ring on his finger, but you just knew he was going to nail it with all of the TV he’s done since he retired in 2007.

“So how did we get here?” Strahan asks, before narrating a series of clips from Giants history and the current season while reflecting on the team’s stellar legacy.

And man, this just adds swag to a team that has a lot of it already. They’ve got the flashy cobalt blue, red and white uniforms with the shiny helmets that pop on primetime football, and just like with the New York Yankees, the NY on the helmet is iconic. They’re obviously in New York City, they’ve got the four Super Bowl championships as a franchise, they’ve set themselves up nicely — and now here they are elevating themselves even more with an epic playoffs hype video with Michael Strahan doing his thing like the legend he is. (RELATED: ‘Y’all Are Wild’: Saints Reporter Aileen Hnatiuk Sends Twitter Into Frenzy With Just One Picture)

I wish my Miami Dolphins could do this. We certainly have the swag to do it — we’re in Miami, we have the aqua and orange uniforms, we’re in Miami, we have Tyreek Hill and Jaylen Waddle, and did I mention that we’re in Miami?

But let’s be honest here: we’re getting creamed against the Buffalo Bills without Tua Tagovailoa, which is exactly why we don’t have a hype video of our own — they know, we know, everybody knows.

What a long day it’s gonna be … Enjoy yourself, New York City, because I know I (and Miami) won’t be.