MSNBC Host Interrupts Reporter Mid-Sentence For Using Term ‘Pro-Life’

[Screenshot MSNBC Andrea Mitchell Reports]

Brianna Lyman News and Commentary Writer
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MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell interrupted a reporter mid-sentence on Thursday for using the term “pro-life” while reporting on two new bills passed by the House.

The Republican-led House passed two bills Wednesday regarding abortion, one to condemn the attacks on pro-life centers and other affiliated agencies, the other that requires healthcare providers to treat infants born after abortions as they would any other patient.

Mitchell noted that Speaker of the House Kevin McCarthy held a press conference Thursday morning regarding the two bills before focusing on North Carolina Rep. Nancy Mace. (RELATED: Nadler Says Problem With Abortion Bill Is It Mandates Babies Born Alive Receive Care ‘Which May Not Be Appropriate’)

“We had Nancy Mace, the Republican from South Carolina, on yesterday. She spoke very passionately about why she thought it was the wrong tone for her caucus to be pursuing this abortion legislation and why it was unfair to women, especially women who have been subjected to rape or incest or other forms of sexual violence. She ended up voting for the abortion measures, explain that,” Mitchell said.


“She told reporters after the fact that at the end of the days he was, as she described herself, pro-life. She felt it was important to vote for these measures despite their potentially politically damaging or politically unappealing appearance, if you will-” NBC News’ Senior Capitol Hill correspondent Garrett Haake said before Mitchell jumped in.

“Let me just interrupt and say that pro-life is a term that they – an entire group wants to use, but that is not an accurate description,” Mitchell interjected.

“I’m using it because that’s the term she used to describe herself,” the reporter then claimed.

“I understand,” Mitchell said. “That was her explanation.”

Mace criticized her fellow Republicans on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” on Thursday arguing that strict measures to restrict abortion are out of touch with what the majority of the country wants.