Baltimore Ravens’ Lamar Jackson Appears To Take A Shot At His Own Team

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Andrew Powell Contributor
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Is Lamar Jackson’s time in the DMV over?

Baltimore Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson will be one of the biggest free agents in the NFL offseason, as well as one of the biggest stories to pay attention to, and you can already tell this is going to be a wild ride.

It hasn’t even been a full 24 hours since the Ravens were eliminated from the NFL Playoffs by the Cincinnati Bengals, and Lamar Jackson has already officially begun the offseason for Baltimore — this after a cryptic Instagram post that (potentially) speaks volumes on the franchise.

To me, it’s clear that he was talking about the Baltimore Ravens. His team was just eliminated from the postseason and he’s a free agent in 2023, you don’t put up that post in any other circumstances. With the season now officially over for the Ravens, he no longer answers to them — he’s now a free agent, and he’s acting like one.

Let the games begin.

I like to think of myself as an (unofficial) strategist for the Miami Dolphins. I just happen to be a sports and entertainment blogger for the Daily Caller, and also happen to not know a single soul from the Dolphins but hope they read my blogs.

Here’s what I suggest to owner Stephen Ross and the rest of management (in my head): on our wish list for the quarterback position, we should have Tom Brady as our no. 1 option (with him being an unrestricted free agent and not having to give up draft picks, plus, he’s the greatest of all time). No. 2 on the list is Aaron Rodgers (one of the greatest will most likely be on the trade market, and we will have to give up picks). Coming in at the no. 3 position is Lamar Jackson.

Sure, Jackson has his durability issues, but he’s still a young buck at 26 years old and hasn’t even gotten into his prime yet. Despite his injury this year, his durability isn’t that bad when you look at the numbers — he’s played the vast majority of games throughout his career, so I wouldn’t necessarily worry about that too much.

Another reason why I want Brady or Rodgers is because I want to keep Tua Tagovailoa because, quite frankly, I like the kid, and I think it would do Tua some good to sit behind a legend for a season or two, maybe three or four, to become a master at the game. He’s only 24, so if it was the full four, he’d be right in his prime at 28 when he took back over the starting position, so it’s absolutely perfect timing. (RELATED: One Of Greatest Weekends Of Football Has Arrived. Here’s Everything You Need To Know)

With Lamar Jackson, we’d have to work out something with Tua, and this includes potentially trading him unless he was down to have a backup role that could still see him taking snaps on the field — oh man, I’d absolutely love that.

Regardless, it’s going to be an absolutely beautiful offseason for my Miami Dolphins, who have the option of Tom Brady, Aaron Rodgers and Lamar Jackson as quarterback — you can’t lose with any of them.

Exciting times ahead for the Fins.