Coretta Scott King’s Cousin Joins Masses Of People Who Are Outraged By $10 Million MLK Statue


Leena Nasir Entertainment Reporter
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Coretta Scott King’s cousin Seneca Scott has joined the ranks of those who are outraged by a $10 million bronze sculpture unveiled in Boston to honor Martin Luther King Jr.

The large design unveiled Jan. 13 is called “The Embrace,” featuring two sets of arms holding each other. It was meant to depict a classic photograph of Coretta and her husband Martin Luther King Jr. hugging after his Nobel Peace Prize win in 1964, but Coretta’s cousin sees what many members of the general public have also noticed. It “looks like a penis,”  Scott said, according to the New York Post.

“The mainstream media … was reporting on it like it was all beautiful, ’cause they were told they had to say that,” Seneca Scott told the New York Post on Sunday.

“But then when it came out, a little boy pointed out — ‘That’s a penis!’ and everyone was like, ‘Yo, that’s a big old dong, man,’” he said.

“If you had showed that statute to anyone in the ’hood, they’d have been like, ‘No, absolutely not,” he said.

Scott voiced his outrage in an article posted on Compact Mag. (RELATED: Donald Trump And Martin Luther King Jr.’s Son Just Met. What They Talked About.)

“The new Boston sculpture ‘honoring’ Dr. Martin Luther King and his wife, Coretta Scott King, looks more like a pair of hands hugging a beefy penis than a special moment shared by the iconic couple,” Seneca wrote.

Seneca shunned the “woke algorithm” and addressed the defamatory nature of the sculpture.

“Ten million dollars were wasted to create a masturbatory metal homage to my legendary family members — one of the all-time greatest American families,” he said.

He scorned the woke culture for its misrepresentation.

“How could anyone fail to see that this was a major dick move (pun intended) that brings very few, if any, tangible benefits to struggling black families?” he wrote to Compact Mag.

He continued his scathing review of the art and addressed the seemingly intentional portrayal of a penis.

“So now Boston has a big bronze penis statue that’s supposed to represent black love at its purest and most devotional. This is no accident,” he said.

“The woke algorithm is racist and classist. Therefore, its programming will always produce things that harm black and poor people.”

Seneca continued the conversation with The New York Post, saying “The woke algorithm is just broke, I don’t know what else to tell you.

Social media users have been blasting the sculpture, with some calling it a “turd penis,” and others declaring this to be a “disgrace” to Martin Luther King Jr.’s legacy.

British rapper and podcaster Zuby shared his thoughts of the sculpture on Twitter by writing, “This is awful.”