Police Arrest Suspect After Video Showed Attempted Kidnapping Of Barista At Drive-Thru Window


Sarah Wilder Social Issues Reporter
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Police arrested a suspect Tuesday after video showed an alleged kidnapping attempt at a drive through window in Ashburn, Washington.

The video showed security footage of a man in a car reaching into the drive-through window and pulling the barista by her wrists. Police say the man tried to drag the victim into his car with a “looped ziptie device.” The attempted kidnapping was thwarted, as the victim was able to fight off the attacker. (RELATED: Joy Reid Says She Covers Biden, Trump Classified Docs Differently Because Trump ‘Really Did The Things’)

“After overwhelming support from the community, APD has arrested a suspect in this case,” police updated the public Tuesday afternoon.

There are 0.20 kidnappings for every 1,000 residents each year in Washington. Risk of kidnapping varies depending on where in the state one lives. In the western neighborhoods, there is a 1 in 2,570 chance of kidnapping. In northern neighborhoods, there is a 1 in 12,185 chance of kidnapping.

Violent crime rose in the state of Washington in 2021 as police suffered staffing shortages. Violent crime overall increased by 12.3% in the year. There were 325 murders in the state, up 5.9% from the year previous.