Dalvin Cook’s Time With The Minnesota Vikings Could Be Over Due To The Team Having To Create Cap Space

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Andrew Powell Sports and Entertainment Blogger
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What an offseason this is going to be.

Minnesota Vikings running back Dalvin Cook had another season that you would expect a star tailback to have, having his fourth career 1,000-yard rushing season with a tally of 1,173 yards and eight touchdowns. His 1,173 figure was ranked the sixth best in the NFL in the regular season, according to ESPN

Cook helped lead the Minnesota Vikings to a 13-4 record, which took them to the NFL Playoffs where they were eliminated in the Super Wild Card Weekend by the New York Giants.

With the loss, Minnesota is now forced to face the offseason early, as well as the prospect of possibly moving on from Cook.

The Vikings are in a position where they have to cut over $8 million in payroll in order to be under the NFL salary cap next season, OutKick reported. With Cook having a $14.1 million cap number and Minnesota able to save $11 million if they release him after June 1 (and $7.8 million before), it might be the star running back who gets the chop.

It appears that Dalvin Cook was very well aware of that after the Jan. 15 31-24 loss to the Giants.

“That’s another question that don’t got nothing to do with me,” Cook said in response to a question about his future with the Vikings. He also noted that negotiations are between Minnesota ownership, their head coach and Cook’s agent.

That’s what Minnesota Vikings fans are saying, but then you also have this:

Vikings fans can say what they want, but I blame coaching more than anything when it comes to Dalvin Cook, and under the circumstances, my man still put up a 1,ooo-yard rushing season. Vikings fans don’t realize how good they have it right now, Cook has them spoiled with his greatness.

I mean, seriously, you guys are the ones not using him properly — that sounds like more of a ‘you’ problem.

But you know what?

If the Vikings and their fan base no longer want Dalvin Cook, maybe my Miami Dolphins can take him off of their hands? Now, I don’t know how the books would look after we get our superstar quarterback in the offseason, but I’d love to see Stephen Ross (Dolphins owner) and the rest of management work out the figures and see if something can get done with Cook. Just trying would make me happy here, but again, that’s because I don’t know the exact situation with the salary cap after landing a Tom Brady, Aaron Rodgers, or Lamar Jackson. (RELATED: REPORT: Recently Fired Kliff Kingsbury Takes One-Way Flight To Thailand With Model Girlfriend, Tells Teams He’s Not Interested)

But if we can get him, let’s get him. And it makes complete sense too.

Dalvin Cook is from Miami (and grew up a massive Miami Dolphins fan with his entire family), went to Miami Central High School, which is a big deal in South Florida high school football, and he actually committed to the University of Miami before ultimately going to Florida State University. So my man would just be coming home (as well as playing for his favorite team paired up with either Raheem Mostert or Jeff Wilson Jr., or both, for a beautiful situation), which has me thinking … hometown discount?

Let’s take a look at this, Mr. Ross. Let’s see if we can bring Dalvin home.