Woman Makes Wild Claim: ‘Twerking’ Can ‘Heal Generational Trauma’

Screenshot/YouTube/Bianca Taylor

Chrissy Clark Contributor
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A woo-woo podcaster claimed that “spiritual twerking” — whatever that is — can heal “generational trauma,” during an interview with YouTuber Bianca Taylor.

Podcaster and author Sahara Rose used an onslaught of Gen-Z’s favorite words, (read: trauma, my truth, healing), to claim hip gyrations can cleanse the human spirit and connect women with their wombs.

“Shaking is such a primal practice of releasing trauma and somatic blockages and emotions through our body, “ Rose said. “Especially our hips. Our hips are, now we know, where we store emotions.”

“When you are twerking. When you are shimmying, you are literally releasing trauma, releasing stored emotions from your hips,” she continued. “When you’re bending your knees. When you’re crouching on the floor, you’re connecting to Earth, you’re connecting to your womb, you’re restoring your energy.”

The only way that twerking at a club connects women to their wombs is if she twerks to attract a man, drinks alcohol, gets laid, and accidentally gets pregnant. That is the only scenario in which Rose is correct.

If Rose’s philosophy on twerking were true, America’s longstanding trauma would be healed thanks exclusively to “WAP” by Cardi B. (RELATED: Noted Economist Cardi B Declares US Is In Recession)

Rose appears to use Gen-Z-style language to attract customers to her online coaching business. Her Instagram page is riddled with nonsense woke slogans plastered across her feed.

She claims to “infuse” “sacredness” into her day and journals for “releasing” the year 2022. Her gibberish culminates in a post that claims “your heart can never break.” This woman has clearly never watched Marley & Me.

In an age where young Americans gain access to social media so quickly, it’s baffling that so-called “feminists” promote hip gyrations as a way to heal from hurt.