‘Can You Throw Away Body Parts?’: Take A Look At Brian Walshe’s Search History In Case Of Missing Mom

Craig F. Walker/Pool via REUTERS

Brianna Lyman News and Commentary Writer
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Prosecutors revealed Wednesday the search history of Brian Walshe, the Massachusetts man accused of murdering his missing wife, Ana Walshe.

Thirty-nine year-old Ana was reported missing on Jan. 4 by her employer after she failed to show up at work. Brian, with whom Ana shares three young children with, was arrested four days after her disappearance and charged with misleading investigators. He pleaded not guilty on Jan. 9.

Authorities then found trash bags with blood, a hatchet, a hacksaw, a rug and used cleaning supplies, with prosecutors saying that Brian purchased $450 in cleaning supplies earlier that month. A broken knife and blood were also discovered in the Walsh’s basement. Brian was charged Tuesday with murder.

Brian allegedly used the internet in the aftermath of Ana’s disappearance to make a series of eerie searches. He began his gruesome searches the day Ana was last seen alive. Between 4:55 a.m. and 1:20 p.m., Brian searched the following, according to DailyMail:

  • How long before a body starts to smell?
  • How to keep a body from decomposing?
  • How to bound (bind) a body?
  • 10 ways to dispose of a body if you really need to?
  • How long for someone to be missing to inherit?
  • Can you throw away body parts?
  • What does formaldehyde do?
  • How long does DNA last?
  • Can identification be made on partial remains?
  • Dismemberment and the best way to dispose of a body
  • How to clean blood from a wooden floor?
  • Luminal to detect blood
  • What happens when you put body parts in ammonia?
  • Is it better to throw crime scene clothes away or wash them?

One day later, before Ana was reported missing, Brian allegedly then searched about using a hacksaw to dismember a body, whether an individual can be charged with murder if authorities are unable to locate a body and whether broken teeth would prevent authorities from identifying a person. (RELATED: Missing Mom’s Family Shocked As Investigation Takes Ugly Turn)

Brian then searched on January 3 whether baking soda could “make a body smell good?” and what the “rate of decomposition of a body found in a plastic bag compared to on a surface in the woods” was.

The gory internet searches stopped the day Ana was reported missing.