Saddle Up Ladies, ‘Farmer Wants A Wife’ Is Set To Be 2023’s Hottest New Dating Show


Kay Smythe News and Commentary Writer
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A new reality show is hitting our screens on March 8, 2023, and it seems to finally deliver what Americans want to see from modern love.

“Farmer Wants A Wife,” is set to premiere on Fox after being adapted from a British series, according to Deadline. The series follows a group of spouse-seeking farmers as they’re introduced to a bunch of city women.

Finally, we have a dating show worthy of our time! Jennifer Nettles will host as we watch these farmers try to turn their dates into homesteading queens (like me, but I already found my farmer). In the end, the farmers and their would-be brides will have to face a major question: how much of your life are you willing to change for love?

This show sounds like a mixture of every great dating show, plus “Jeremiah Johnson” and “The Simple Life.” And America really needs fresh and funny entertainment like this, particularly in the genre of dating shows.

Let’s be honest. Since “The Bachelor” dropped Chris Harrison, it’s gone to crap. And every season of “Love is Blind” since the first has been pretty dull. (RELATED: Dear Kay: My Son Is Dating A Literal Doll He Bought Off The Internet. Help!)

More than that, most dating shows are inaccurate portrayals of real dating in America. Unless you live in a major city and aspire to be famous, “The Bachelor,” “Love Is Blind” and most other modern dating shows would be better described as deep dives into how narcissistic Millennials and Gen Z 20-somethings are and why they probably shouldn’t procreate en masse.

Watch the trailer for “Farmer Wants A Wife” here: