‘They Need To Fine That Organization $1 Million’: Liberal Journos Are Upset Ivan Provorov Didn’t Wear Pride Jersey

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Andrew Powell Contributor
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This guy said a million dollars though.

Earlier, I reported on how the Philadelphia Flyers celebrated their ‘Pride Night’ Jan. 17, but it ended up coming away with some drama after defenseman Ivan Provorov didn’t take part in the pregame skate after refusing to wear the team’s LGBTQ+ jersey — citing his religious beliefs.

Well, throughout the fallout, everybody and their mother (including me and my mother, literally) has had an opinion on the matter, and liberal journalists — in particular — are very upset.

Let’s start with Sid Seixeiro, who is a TV host for Breakfast Television in Canada. This guy had the most freezing cold take ever, actually saying that the NHL should fine the Philadelphia Flyers $1 MILLION over this entire thing. And check how he compared LGBTQ+ to the military for God’s sake.

Like I said, he isn’t the only one partaking in the nonsense.

Check out these gems:

And then you have this doozy:

I’ve had my multiple runs in politics, but quite frankly, I prefer the realm of sports entertainment so much more, so I very rarely like to get political nowadays — but this is going to be one of those instances. (RELATED: Philadelphia Flyers Head Coach John Tortorella Defends Ivan Provorov After He Sat Out ‘Pride Night’ Festivities)

Ever since I got interested in politics, I’ve pretty much viewed liberals in media as a bunch of crazy people, and this whole situation is just the latest example.

Nobody said anything hateful about the LGBTQ+ community. It was Provorov simply honoring his religion’s guidelines and showing respect to LGBTQ+ by staying quiet and boycotting in silence.

But, of course, the liberals in media got a hold of everything and made this story bigger than it had to be.