Paige Spiranac Launches OnlyFans-Style Website Named ‘OnlyPaige’

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The simps are about to lose their minds.

Former professional golfer (and now online siren) Paige Spiranac is finally giving her fans what they’ve wanted “for a very, very long time,” announcing Jan. 18 that she is launching her own website named “OnlyPaige” — an exclusive subscription-only content platform.

Subscribers to “OnlyPaige” will have access to multiple different forms of paywalled content, which will feature instructional golf videos, peeks into the daily life of Spiranac, live streams, Q&As and never-before-seen photos.

And judging by the way Spiranac chose to promote the website, you can be sure some of those photos will be of Spiranac’s, erm, “goodies.”

I gotta say … It’s crazy as shit to me that we live in a society where pretty much everybody is posting this kind of content now.

Not saying Paige is because we don’t know for sure what the content will be, and she did say that “sexually explicit content” doesn’t make her “comfortable,” which is quite hilarious as that’s her whole brand.

It sounds like something out of a South Park episode, but nope, this is real life — where women are out here publicly advertising semi-nude photos and videos of themselves in hopes of making the almighty dollar.

And I’m not hatin’ at all, y’all know how much I love beautiful women. I’m just pointing out how crazy it is that it seems like everybody is posting explicit pictures or some kind of porn now. It’s just wild.

And with the South Park reference — aren’t Trey Parker and Matt Stone (creators of the show) somewhat conservative?

So I’m thinking they could potentially be readers of the Daily Caller, and if that is the case, Trey and Matt, you guys should totally do a South Park episode centered around all of this OnlyFans craze — create an episode where all of the characters are living in a literal world full of nothing but porn stars. Basically, just base it off real life, but tweak it in your creative South Park way. (RELATED: Tom Brady’s ‘New Girlfriend’ Blames All Of His Tampa Bay Buccaneers Teammates For Playoff Loss)

I can imagine the entertaining glory now.

And by the way, can I be a producer for this episode? (Man, I would love to have a South Park producer credit)