Race-Baiting ‘Daily Show’ Host Has To Ruin The One Thing All Americans Agree On

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Brianna Lyman News and Commentary Writer
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“The Daily Show” guest-host Leslie Jones told white people to sit out on the conversation surrounding a new sculpture of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and Coretta Scott King.

The city of Boston unveiled a bronze sculpture on Friday meant to honor King. The sculpture is known as “The Embrace” and apparently shows King’s arms, shoulders and hands wrapped around those of his wife when he learned he had won the 1964 Nobel Peace Prize. The statue, however, has been dragged for appearing to depict a more private moment.

Jones, however, told white people not to comment on the situation. (RELATED: FBI Tries To Honor MLK, Gets Dragged On Twitter)

“Let me tell you something. Even though I’m about to go straight hard on this statue, I got to talk to the white people for a second,” Jones said. “White people? You don’t need to be saying shit about this statue! You understand? Black hands only! You need to sit your ass in the back of the bus for this one. Okay. You need to honor this statue!”

“This is our civil rights icon, okay? Going down on his wife, you show some damn respect,” Jones joked.

“Okay, black people, what the fuck we gon’ do? We got to talk about this. We got to talk about this cause you know it’s messed up when black people and the Proud Boys hate the same statue!”

Several individuals have spoken out against the sculpture, with conservative commentator Lauren Chen tweeting, “I’m not gonna say it,” while a music producer joked that it looked like a “very different kind of ‘loving embrace.'”

Slate designer Derreck Johnson said, “Coretta said she a baddie and she get what she want.”

Even Coretta’s cousin, Seneca Scott, joined the outrage ranks saying the statue “looks like a penis.”