Tom Brady’s ‘New Girlfriend’ Blames All Of His Tampa Bay Buccaneers Teammates For Playoff Loss


Andrew Powell Sports and Entertainment Blogger
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She is so shootin’ her shot at Tom Brady — it’s so damn obvious at this point.

I recently wrote a blog explaining who Tom Brady’s “new girlfriend” Veronika Rajek is, so if you need all of the background information on her and the connection to the greatest of all time, you can read that here.

But we now have a new development in the case of Veronika and her quest to make Tom Brady her prince.

First, let’s start off with an Instagram photo that she put up the day of the NFL Super Wild Card Weekend game between the Tampa Bay Buccaneers (“her man’s” team) and Dallas Cowboys.

The Vince Lombardi quote about a “man,” the red lingerie, the little Tom Brady teddy bear, the seductive poses … she’s totally shooting her shot at Tom Brady. It was a funny joke at first, but now she’s actually shooting her shot at the man.

We’ll get more into that shortly, but as you all know, the Buccaneers went on to lose that game against the Cowboys, 31-14, eliminating Tom Brady & Co. from the NFL Playoffs.

And what does Veronika do?

What any woman would for the man that they love — defend him and throw everybody else under the bus:

My whole thing with this woman … where the hell is her husband?

This whole thing was cute when it first started with all of the Barstool jokes, but now it’s turned into something more serious, like her actually shooting her shot at Tom Brady. This ain’t no joking matter, she’s actually trying to seduce the man! She’s clearly enjoying all of the attention. And that would be cool and all, but, um … this woman is married! (RELATED: REPORT: Recently Fired Kliff Kingsbury Takes One-Way Flight To Thailand With Model Girlfriend, Tells Teams He’s Not Interested)

Can somebody get that man on the phone and make sure he’s alright?

These sirens are wild out here in these streets.