‘Medici’ Actor Identified As Hiker That Disappeared In California Mountains

Screenshot/ABC 7 News

Leena Nasir Entertainment Reporter
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The San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department (SBCSD) identified actor Julian Sands as the hiker missing from the Mt. Baldy area since Friday.

The 65-year-old British actor, best known for his role in “Warlock,” “Medici,” and “Arachnophobia,” is one of two men that have gone missing after hiking in Southern California’s mountains, according to ABC 7 News. Severe weather has been reported in the area and the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department has confirmed that air resources have been limited.

Gloria Huerta with SBCSD released a public statement regarding the famous actor’s disappearance.

“His wife did report him missing,” Huerta said to ABC 7 News.

“From what I understand, he left sometime that day for a hike and when he did not return, his family reported him missing,” she said.

“A search crew was sent out, but because of weather conditions, they were pulled on Saturday. Helicopters and drones will be out there to continue to search, weather permitting,” San Bernardino County Sheriff Department Corporal Nathan Campos said to People.

Sands’ wife notified authorities of his disappearance Friday night. His car has since been found in the area, but the search for the actor continues as of Thursday morning. (RELATED: Jeremy Renner Announces He’s At Home Recovering In The Most Surprising Way)

Sands appeared in dozens of television shows and movies since the 1980s. Some of his most notable film credits include the 1985 movie “A Room With A View,” “Boxing Helena,” and “Leaving Las Vegas.” He also appeared in “Ocean’s Thirteen,” according to People.

Local authorities are also searching for Bob Gregory of Hawthorne, a hiker that has been missing since Monday, according to ABC 7. He is believed to have been hiking in the nearby area of Crystal Lake in the San Gabriel Mountains.