Ivan Provorov’s Jersey Sells Out After He Boycotts LGBTQ+ Pride Night Festivities

(Photo by Tim Nwachukwu/Getty Images)

Andrew Powell Sports and Entertainment Blogger
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I’m totally getting myself a jersey when they are back in stock.

Only a couple of days after Philadelphia Flyers defenseman Ivan Provorov boycotted the franchise’s LGBTQ+ Pride Night, and just a day after crazed liberals in the media attempted to destroy him for it, Provorov is now swimming in pure glory after his jersey sold out online at both the NHL Shop and Fanatics.

Both websites have listed Provorov jerseys as “almost gone,” with the only size remaining being extra-small.

Provorov has dominated not just the sports news cycle, but the entire landscape of the media since Jan. 17 after he refused to wear an LGBTQ-themed jersey to help celebrate the Philadelphia Flyers’ Pride Night.

You can view all of my intel on that here:

How glorious is this?

My man gets crucified ever since this whole thing happened, when literally all he did was just decide not to partake in any of the festivities and did so quietly, but of course, the liberal media gets a hold of the situation and blows it up into this whole thing with loons attacking him left and right for it. (RELATED: Paige Spiranac Launches OnlyFans-Style Website Named ‘OnlyPaige’)

And in such justice, he sells out all of his jerseys — just an outright win, a W, victory, outright glory!

Oh man, I’ve totally gotta get me a jersey when they get back in stock (preferably the black one).