Woman Allegedly Runs Over Neighbor Because Of Trash Can Feud


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A feud that has been brewing for two years came to a head earlier in January when a Texas woman allegedly ran over her neighbor because of a trash can.

Lakisha Broomfield reportedly suffered a concussion after her neighbor, Sydney Harris, got in her SUV and rammed into her and her trash cans, tossing Broomfield at least six feet before she drove away, WFAA reported. Video of the incident was captured by two cameras situated in the alleyway behind Broomfield’s home and was witnessed by Broomfield’s cousin, Antionette Steele.

“When she hit her… she flew back,” Steele told the outlet.

The altercation allegedly began when Broomfield put her trash into Harris’ trash cans because her own were overflowing due to the holidays, the outlet reported. That sparked an argument between the two neighbors in which Harris stated she was pushed twice to the ground by Broomfield, the outlet reported. Harris admitted to WFAA that she hit Broomfield with her car, but claims it was unintentional, citing mobility issues. (RELATED: Father-Son Duo Shoot Neighbor Dead Over Trash Disputes)

“I can’t believe any person would hop into a car and hit a person the way she hit me,” Broomfield told WFAA.

Broomfield claimed hat the feud with Harris has been brewing for some time. “I’ve literally been harassed by this lady for the last couple years,” she stated.  Broomfield alleged that Harris has screamed at her children, placed branches on her doorstep, thrown rocks at her vehicle and stole her water — something Harris admitted to WFAA she did by putting her water hose into Broomfield’s spigot.

Harris told the outlet that she had no personal issue with Broomfield but didn’t like that her neighbors park in front of her home on the street.

Harris was arrested by Allen police Jan. 13  and charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, but was released when she bailed herself out, according to WFAA.

Broomfield claimed the feud and the altercation traumatized her. “I’m having some PTSD, a lot of anxiety, a lot of panic attacks. I just want the peace… the peace of mind and no issues,” she told the outlet.

Broomfield plans on moving out of her rental home and away from Harris in the near future.