Oddspedia Looking To Pay NFL Fan $200 Per Hour To Watch Super Bowl LVII In Ultimate Dream Job

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Andrew Powell Sports and Entertainment Blogger
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I’m totally applying for this.

Sports betting website Oddspedia is looking to hire an ‘Official Novelty Bet Analyst for Super Bowl LVII,’ and get this: The job only entails you to watch the Super Bowl and answer questions. On top of that, Oddspedia is paying a whopping $200 per hour for the gig — oh, and you’ll also get $100 worth of Super Bowl snacks and drinks.

Whoever gets the job will be partaking in the pre-match, game, halftime show and post-match analysis answering key questions on huge Super Bowl novelty markets, including:

  • Was the coin toss heads or tails?
  • Did the national anthem time go over or under?
  • What was Rihanna’s first song at the halftime show?
  • What color of Gatorade was poured over the winning Head Coach?

Altogether, the applicant who gets the job will land a cool $1,000 for their hard fun work.

You can apply for the glorious position here.

Okay, so I’m totally applying for this job.

Not only would I be able to collect a smooth $1,000 check for five hours of covering the Super Bowl, which in itself is an absolute dream, but it honestly just sounds so cool, and quite frankly, I could produce some quality content around this whole thing with my journey in this job. (RELATED: ‘It Would Be Wild’: NFL Analyst Rich Eisen Names Miami Dolphins As Team That Makes Most Sense For Tom Brady To Join)

Oh yeah … Now it’s all coming to me. I can do a whole blog centered around my Super Bowl Sunday, because I was already planning on having the food, the game on the big screen, all of the works, but throwing this in the equation just creates blogging gold, and I could get my Twitter involved and everything. The ideas are already flowing.

Count me in, Oddspedia. This is pure glory.