Australian Contortionist Breaks Archery Record With Feet

Twitter/Screenshot/public user: Guinness World Records

Devan Bugbee Contributor
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Australian contortionist Shannen Jones broke the world record Wednesday for the longest arrow shot using feet, hitting a bullseye from nearly 20 yards out.

Jones started by positioning the bow in her feet before bending her back and bringing her legs forward to aim toward the target. Lifting her head to look to where to fire, she released the arrow, hitting the mark dead-center, a video shared by Guinness showed.

Jones fired the arrow from 59 ft, 11 in, Guinness added.

“I can officially say that I am the most accurate foot archer in the world,” Jones stated on Instagram, remarking that the previous record holder shot from 12 meters, slightly over 39 feet.


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Jones had practiced archery for six years before attempting the record, the United Press International reported. She achieved the record by striking a 4.7-inch diameter target, according to the outlet.

Outside the realm of archery, Jones promotes wellness tips, such as walking barefoot, which she claimed has made her feet wider. (RELATED: ‘Some Girls Thought They’d Be His Next Wife’: Andrew Tate’s Security Boils Allegations Down To ‘Misunderstanding’)

“Reconnect with your primal instincts,” she said in a video of her creeping barefoot through a mud puddle.

Jones also conveyed more obscure health advice, such as avoiding receipt paper and birth control since they could allegedly cause hormone imbalances.