Florida Woman Can’t Stop Getting Stuck In Storm Drains


Matthew Holloway Contributor
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Police and firefighters rescued Lyndsey Kennedy, 43, of Delray Beach, Florida from a storm drain pipe on Wednesday, according to a local report. This is now the third time since 2021 that Kennedy has become trapped in a storm drain.

The Delray Beach Police Department responded to a call of a person possibly in distress while swimming in a canal, WFLA reported. Upon arriving at the scene, the officers found Kennedy and asked if she needed assistance. She ignored the officers and was observed climbing into a storm drain pipe.

The Delray Police Department described the incident in several tweets,

Officers instructed the woman to come out of the pipe but she refused and instead crawled further inside, the officers said, according to the outlet. Police told reporters that a similar situation with Kennedy had unfolded in March 2021.

Firefighters succeeded in isolating the woman between two segments of the storm drain until Delray Beach Fire Rescue Special Operations could rig a ladder and rescue harness to retrieve her. She was taken to a local hospital for minor injuries.

Kennedy was involved in two similar incidents in 2021, according to West Palm Beach‘s WPTV. First, as the Delray Beach Police alluded to, her boyfriend reported her missing March 3. Firefighters discovered and rescued her 20 days later. Kennedy reportedly claimed that she entered the drains after swimming in a canal, but became lost in the tunnels for weeks.

Kennedy was naked when police found her, according to NBC Miami. This was later confirmed this with dispatch audio from the March 2021 incident shared on YouTube, according to the New York Post.

Two months later, Kennedy was reported missing again but was later located in Grand Prairie, Texas over a thousand miles away, once again in a storm drain.

Family members were able to ping her last above-ground location using her phone to begin the search, WPEC reported. Family and friends found nearby manholes and storm drain entries and dropped bags of food and Gatorade to keep her sustained. She reportedly emerged from a drainpipe voluntarily and was placed in a nearby hospital on a psychiatric hold.

According to her family, Kennedy suffers from psychosis and PTSD resulting from “years in an abusive relationship.”

After Kennedy’s first rescue in Delray Beach, her mother told WPTV that her daughter has a history of mental illness and frequently uses illegal narcotics. She also revealed that Kennedy had done other unusual things in the past and had a history of “making bad decisions when she [was] high on drugs,” according to the outlet.