Male Giants Fans Are Dyeing Their ‘Organ’ Blue For A Playoff Game And Daniel Jones Is Out Here Being One Cool Son Of A Gun

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Man … It’s quite real in New York City right now.

So as we all know, the NFL Divisional Playoffs are this weekend (YES!!), and one of the games is the Saturday rivalry contest between the New York Giants and Philadelphia Eagles.

As Americans, with how passionate we are about football, a lot of us have weird rituals that we do to “help” our team win — not me personally, but I know a guy. Anyways, something quite incredible is going on in New York City ahead of the big Giants game, and they specifically do this for every game against the Eagles.

We’re talking about male New York Giants fans dyeing their “organ” blue … Yes, their penis.

You can’t make this shit up:

You know, it sounds like such a weird thing to do, but I honestly can’t blame Giants fans for this. There’s just way too much glory going on in New York right now after their upset win over the Minnesota Vikings — that I predicted correctly, by the way.

But take Giants quarterback Daniel Jones for example. The man was incredible against the Vikings, throwing for 301 yards and collecting 78 on the ground after pulling out his inner-Michael Vick.

In fact, Pro Football Reference even references him as “Vanilla Vick” now:

The swag is unreal here.

But it gets even better for Daniel Jones.

My man just landed a new trophy for the case — Nickelodeon’s Most Valuable Player a.k.a. the NVP.

Man, the glory is just too real with the New York Giants right now. In my NFL Divisional Playoffs predictions piece, I took the Philadelphia Eagles to scrap out a win, but I was real tempted to take the Giants in an upset. And after knowing all of this intel now — with blue penises and Daniel Jones winning Nickelodeon awards — I’m leaning even more in the way of the Giants now.

Too bad my predictions are locked in now … I might have picked an upset. (RELATED: The NFL Playoffs Ratchet Up With Divisional Round. Here’s Everything You Need To Know)

But this is no joking matter. It’s not just a blue penis or cool-looking award with an orange blimp and green slime on it that I can throw at you … The New York Giants are peaking, just like they did in 2007 and 2011 — Super Bowl runs. I explain all of that in my picks blog, you can check that out here.

But check out how loose they look:

And then you have this gem of a stat:

So let’s summarize: you have male New York Giants fans dyeing their penises blue, Daniel “Vanilla Vick” Jones winning Nickelodeon awards, Big Blue looks extremely loose, you saw that diamond stat about New York against No. 1 seeds, and everything I explained in my picks piece … Yeah, I wouldn’t be surprised if the Giants pull off another upset.

Shout out to New York City, man. I’ll definitely be rooting for these guys against the Eagles, despite my pick.