Stolen ‘Weiner Man’ Statue Returned After Man Dons Hot Dog Suit

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Paul Aubert Contributor
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A hot dog statue affectionately called “Weinerman” was returned to a West Virginia hot dog restaurant after it was stolen in the aftermath of a fire.

Following a Jan. 11 fire that destroyed the Dairy Winkle restaurant, the hot dog statue was stolen, WCHS-TV reported. The statue, nearly three feet tall, shows a hot dog figure licking its lips, pouring a ketchup bottle on its head with one hand, and holding a mustard bottle with the other hand.

The hot dog joint’s owner, Kerry “Paco” Ellison, said someone broke into the restaurant after the fire and stole the statue.

After “Weinerman” was stolen, Dairy Winkle posted on Facebook encouraging supporters to help find the statue, even offering a cash reward for more information.

Originally, the reward was just $400, but with contributions from Dairy Winkle fans and others in the Campbells Creek community, the reward grew to $1,050.

One Dairy Winkle patron dressed up in a hot dog costume to help the cause. The man held a sign with the words “Return Wiener Man”, written on it with a sharpie marker. The statue was eventually located and returned Thursday. (RELATED: Bah Humbug: Man Caught On Video Stealing Baby Jesus From Nativity Display)

The Kanawha County Sheriff’s Office celebrated the statue’s return in a statement. Two deputies “received a tip to the statue’s whereabouts shortly after taking the [theft] report,” which was filed on Jan. 19.

While the “Weinerman” was not damaged and was returned, police say the suspect responsible for breaking and entering Dairy Winkle and stealing the beloved hot dog statue has yet to be identified.

The investigation is still ongoing.