Maher Confronts Sean Penn Over Allegations Of Covid ‘Misinformation,’ Says US Govt Was A Purveyor

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Brianna Lyman News and Commentary Writer
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Comedian and host of the “Club Random” podcast Bill Maher confronted actor Sean Penn on Monday over his claims of what “misinformation” is, with Maher saying the U.S. government was a purveyor of it during the pandemic.

Penn said that during the pandemic, and when it came to getting vaccinated, he chose to listen to scientists rather than those “on the fringes.” Maher interjected and said that the people who were once thought to be on the “fringe” have actually been right but were stifled on social media and by others in the scientific community. The duo then debated the efficacy of mask wearing and how the government handled the pandemic.

Maher then told Penn he doesn’t like it when he uses the term “fringe” to describe people, with Penn defending his word choice as meaning those who are “misinformed.”

Maher then claimed that Penn’s decision making, which he based on mainstream scientific voices and officials, was actually based on “misinformation.”

“No one thought Hillary Clinton couldn’t win because the poll said it was an 80% chance. So it was a 20% chance that it wasn’t going to be Hillary, and that’s what happened,” Maher said to create an analogy.

“I think it’s even more with medical, so you used the term ‘misinformation.’ Whose misinformation? The misinformation that I got from the United States government? I seem to remember six months when we were just all leaving our packages outside and rubbing it like it was a fucking stool sample or something.”

Maher then said that other countries believed in natural immunity, as did the U.S.. up until the coronavirus emerged, and asked why the voices of those millions were silenced. Maher then noted that the scientists who disregarded natural immunity were trusted over ones who didn’t, noting that just because someone went to medical schools doesn’t mean they kept up with research.

“There’s no law that says you have to keep up,” Maher said. (RELATED: Maher Says Biden Admin ‘All In On’ Pushing Trans Ideology Onto Children)

“And could’ve learned a lot of wrong-minded things along the way,” Penn chimed in.

“Right, and I think we were told a lot of wrong things,” Maher said before saying the government should’ve had “the guts” to tell the public the virus was bad. Maher, however, noted millions of Americans didn’t even know they had the virus because not everyone is affected by it the same way.